Like a boss

I haven’t always believed in prayer, although I’ve always believed in God.  I think that problem is that I believed was too insignificant for God to listen or even help me.  I know now that this isn’t the case. I do pray every day, but today I prayed for something very specific and expected an answer.  Jaxon had an allergic reaction and was taken to the emergency room in October after having his first ever dose of penicillin.  The ER doctor suspected an allergy, and put him off penicillin until we could get an allergy test to confirm. She said it was more than likely the case.  So we waited for his appointment date and today was that day. I headed to the appointment with a little anxiety because Jaxon has never even had a needle before, but I was at peace that the result would be negative.  I had faith that God’s healing power was at work in his body and that there was no room for allergies.

We waited forever in the waiting room before his test. Finally, it was his turn. The boy that went before us, who was about Jaxon’s age, screamed bloody murder while in the exam room.  The nurse was obviously a little shaken up from this little boy, because she asked if she could call a second nurse to hold Jaxon down because they had to for the last patient.  I said no, and that I would hold him.  Jaxon took all four needles like a boss. No flinching or tears. I could barely believe it and neither could the nurse. She said she’s never seen anyone Jaxon’s age react so well. And in the end, he wasn’t allergic to anything. The doctor was surprised, but I wasn’t. Not only did God’s healing power restore Jaxon’s body, but His peace was also there during the test.


Jaxon showing off his arm after getting 4 needles. He was so proud of himself!

Some people might explain this away with whatever story they like. I know what happened today.  Prayer works and God thinks I’m significant enough to listen and to help anytime I ask. And he can do the same for you.


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