Where did the time go? I guess I’m not as good at blogging as I’d hoped to be. Oh well! Better late, than never.  And I’m learning to not be such a perfectionist, so I’ll choose to not let it bug me that I’ve dropped the blogging ball since October.  Here’s a few highlights from the past few months:

– Carter turned 5 on October 2nd. We had planned a party for him at A-Maze-in-Corn, but it got rained out! (Jeremy and I went ziplining there in August! It was awesome. We love that place. I’ll do a separate post about it.) So, we had a party at our house instead. He had a great party with family and friends. Here’s a few of his favourite presents. Hot Wheels was BIG this year.

IMG_2266 IMG_2270 IMG_2267

– We visited the dinosaur exhibit at the Manitoba Museum.

IMG_2380 IMG_2394 IMG_2405

– We took Maddox and Carter to see How to Train your Dragon Live Spectacular at the MTS Centre. What a great show! I think we might have enjoyed it more than the kids.  Jaxon had a play date with J.J. instead of coming with us.  I think he likes J.J. more than dragons anyway.

image-5 image-1 image-7

We did a lot of other things, but I didn’t take pictures. I’ll have to start doing that more often! And post regularly.


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