Life as we know it….

is now over. Maddox and Carter have started their first year of hockey. Being a mom of three boys, I knew this day was coming.  Other parents told me tales of the frequent early morning practices, expensive hockey equipment that the kids out grow every year and the time commitment. I can’t say I was super excited about it at first, and can you blame me?! Early mornings, money and time are three things on my list that I don’t give away that easily! But, once I saw my boys on the ice for the first time, my heart melted! They were so cute (don’t tell them I said that) in all their hockey gear, trying to clumsily skate around the ice.

Neither of them were particularly strong skaters, so they spend a lot of time falling down for the first few practices.  I was actually so impressed with their determination and how many times they got up with out complaining. If I could only get that kind of determination out of them for cleaning up their toys!

It’s only been a few weeks now, but they are already much better skaters and have made some new friends from the community. They come off the ice exhausted, but with huge smiles. And that’s when I remember why.  Who can say no to this face?

Carter after hockey practice

Jaxon watching practice

Oh, and did I mention that one of their coaches is really hot?!


Hello World!

I did it. I joined the blog world. Yay me!

I kept thinking I needed a place to write things down and share with family and friends.  I have a few friends who have been doing this for years and I finally got my act together and decided to do the same. Everyone and their dog has a blog, so why not me?! It just seems so impossible to keep in touch with everyone these days and I have three young boys, so there is never a loss of things going on around here!  This will kind of be like a journal of our lives, but better because I’ll post pictures and be able to share the experience of being a wife and mom with you!  I’m not sure if I’ll suck at this or not, but at the very least I’ll be able to look back on these posts and remember some fun, memorable and possibly even sad times we’ll have.  I haven’t figured out how to create a custom page or even if I should be hosting my own domain yet. All this website stuff is a little new to me, but I’m excited to learn how it all works!

Happy reading and don’t forget to leave a comment!